Care & Sustainability

Care & Sustainability

Halcyon Vineyards - Our Merlo Grapes

Hand Harvesting

Grapes are harvested in the early morning when the air is cool and fogs still lingered over the vineyards. All 20 acres of Halcyon vineyards are hand harvested. Workers are trained to select healthy, ripe fruits. Hand-picking is laborious and expensive but ensure the quality and health of the vineyards for a long time. The hand-harvested fruits are whole, not crushed or bruised. The process is gentle to the fruit and vines compared to machine harvesting. Hand-harvesting also reduce the vineyards’ carbon footprint

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Hand Pruning

This year 2021, winter pruning happened in mid- February. Two crews of twenty workers worked for 4 days to complete hand-pruning of the twenty acres. Canes were gathered in the middle of each row. Soon, they will be shredded and remain as mulch for the soil – Sprouted from earth returned to earth.