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The 20+ acres vineyards with Malbec, Merlot and Petit Verdot varietals were planted in 2002 on high quality Linne-Colado soils. The vineyards rest in the heart of the El Pomar District in the Paso Robles Appellations of San Luis Obispo County

Halcyon Vineyards - Premium Grapes for Preminum Wines

15 acres Merlot, Clone 181

2.8 acres Petit Verdot, Clone 400

2.2 acres Malbec, FPS Clone 9 (180)

Meet our Premium Grapes  for Premium Wines

— Clone 181

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This grape was originally grown to add complexity to Red table wine blends. It is still vinified for this use but has become a delightful, standalone varietal. Merlot Clone 181 is not like any Merlot you think. This grape is the backbone of Halcyon vineyards with 15 of the 20 acres planted. It is unusually complex tasting grape producing wine with a standout round with characteristics of black cherry, ripe plum, raspberry pomegranate, and a hint of black pepper. The flavors are well balanced with the acidity and tannins leaving a lingering aftertaste. It is easy work making great tasting wine with this beautiful variety. Based on many sensory analysis, Merlot 181 was preferred over other clones by the majority of tasters.

"The Merlot off of Halcyon is full bodied, with bright red fruit notes of plum and raspberry with subtle hints of blueberry and herbs. The firm tannin and vibrant color, along with the bounty of flavor, in the resulting wine has made the grade for a reserve level wine, which I have used it for in the past."
—Kip Lorenzetti- Winemaker

Petit Verdot
— Clone 400

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Petit Verdot is an unmistakable red grape not known for its “tons per acre” image but for the beautiful wine its juices produce. It’s wines are incredible dense with a lingering aftertaste of the grape. Its wines have been described variously as having chewy tannins and beautifully structured layers of black and blueberry, plum and black tea that meld into a refreshing dark cherry finish resulting in a surprising experience from such a hard red grape.

Malbec, FPS
— Clone 9 (180)

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A class of black wine grapes known as "Cots Rouges" is grown in southwest France. This clone has a luscious blue black color that reveals itself in the wine. The color is so distinctive that it appeals first to the eye before engaging the nose and palate. Pop a berry in your mouth and experience the gravely taste of blueberries, dark chocolate, and scorched earth.

In the middle ages, powerful, dark wines made from black grapes grown in Cahors in the Valley of the Lot River were called the “black wine of Lot” by the English. Malbec is just one of the 6 permissible cultivars allowed in red Bordeaux wines. This is the ancestry of a great Red Grape, a legacy of wine truly evolved for the modern taste. Pick up a good winery’s offering and be transported back 500 years.